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Useful Wrappers Around Commonly Used Functions

btAdd backticks to names or remove them
cat_desc_statsCompute absolute and relative frequencies.
cat_desc_tableCompute absolute and relative frequencies for a table.
cnShortcut for colnames()
ColSeekerFind numeric index and names of columns based on type and...
compare2numvarsComparison for columns of numbers for 2 groups
compare2qualvarsComparison for columns of factors for 2 groups
compare_n_numvarsComparison for columns of Gaussian or ordinal measures for n...
compare_n_qualvarsComparison for columns of factors for more than 2 groups with...
cortestRCorrelations with significance
faketrialResults from a simulated clinical trial with interaction...
FindVarsFind numeric index and names of columns based on patterns
formatPRe-format p-values, avoiding rounding to 0 and adding...
ggcormatPrint graphical representation of a correlation matrix.
glmCIConfidence interval for generalized linear models
ksnormalKolmogorov-Smirnov-Test against Normal distribution
logrange_1Predefined sets of labels for plots with log-scaled axes
markSignConvert significance levels to symbols
meansdCompute mean and sd and put together with the ± symbol.
meanseCompute mean and standard error of mean and put together with...
median_cl_bootCompute confidence interval of median by bootstrapping.
median_quartCompute median and quartiles and put together.
medianseCompute standard error of median.
pairwise_fisher_testPairwise Fisher's exact tests
pairwise_ordcat_testPairwise comparison for ordinal categories
pairwise_t_testExtended pairwise t-test
pairwise_wilcox_testPairwise Wilcoxon tests
pdf_kableEnhanced kable with latex
plot_LBLineweaver-Burk diagram
plot_MMMichaelis-Menten enzyme kinetics model and plot
print_kableEnhanced kable with definable number of rows/columns for...
roundRAutomatic rounding to a reasonable length, based on largest...
SEMStandard Error of Mean.
se_medianCompute standard error of median
surprisalCompute surprisal aka Shannon information from p-values
tab.searchSearch within data.frame or tibble
t_var_testIndependent sample t-test with test for equal variance
var_coeffCompute coefficient of variance.
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