wsyn: wavelet approaches to synchrony

Lawrence Sheppard, University of Kansas Jonathan Walter, University of Virginia Thomas Anderson, University of Kansas Lei Zhao, China Agricultural University Daniel C. Reuman, University of Kansas - maintainer

This repository provides tools for analyzing synchrony of time series from a timescale-specific viewpoint. The tools have so far principally been useful for studying spatial synchrony of population dynamics in ecology, but may be useful for a variety of other applications.


In addition to the documentation, see the vignette, which is the best way to get started.


The package is on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

For a quick install of this development version: devtools::install_github(repo="reumandc/wsyn"). The install_github function, by default, will not install the vignette. There is an option for installing vignettes (build_vignettes=TRUE), but it seems finicky. You can also clone the repository and use devtools::install() to install from your local clone. The build_vignettes=TRUE option seems to work better for devtools::install than it does for devtools::install_github. If you have trouble, please email me.

Running all tests

Some of the more intensive tests are skipped unless there is a variable in the global environment called RUN_INTENSIVE_TESTS which is TRUE. This is so CRAN checks will run in the allowed time on CRAN servers, and was requested by CRAN.

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