Man pages for wsyn
Wavelet Approaches to Studies of Synchrony in Ecology and Other Fields

addranksAdds rank information to a 'coh' or 'wlmtest' object
addwmfsAdds wavelet mean field information to a 'clust' object
addwpmfsAdds wavelet phasor mean field information to a 'clust'...
bandtestAggregate significance across a timescale band
bctransThe one-parameter family of Box-Cox transformations
cleandatClean (spatio)temporal data matrices to make them ready for...
cluseigenCommunity structure detection in networks
clustDetection and description of clusters of synchronous...
clust_methodsBasic methods for the 'clust' class
coh_methodsBasic methods for the 'coh' class
errcheck_stdatError check for appropriate spatio-temporal data
errcheck_timesError check 'times'
errcheck_tsdatError check for appropriate temporal data
errcheck_ttsError check whether inputs are suitable for a tts object
errcheck_wavparamError check wavelet transform parameters
fastcohtestFast algorithm for significance testing coherence using...
fftsurrogSurrogate time series using Fourier surrogates
is.connectedTests if a graph is connected
makeunweightedFor converting certain synchrony matrices to unweighted...
mnphaseMean phase of coherence
modularityModularity of a community structure of a graph
normforcohNormalization for the 'coh' function
plotmagFor plotting the magnitude of values in 'tts', 'coh' and...
plotmapMap clusters from a 'clust' object
plotphaseFor plotting the phases of values in 'tts' and 'coh' objects
plotrankPlots 'ranks' slot for 'coh' and 'wlmtest' objects
powerPower of a 'tts' object
predsyncPredicted synchrony of a wavelet linear model
print.summary_wsynPrint method for 'summary_wsyn' class
setget_methodsSet and get methods for classes in the 'wsyn' package
setmintsShifts a vector according to the argument mints
surrogCreates surrogate time series, either Fourier surrogates or...
syncexplAmount of synchrony explained, and related quantities
synmatSynchrony matrices
ttsCreator function for the 'tts' class
tts_methodsBasic methods for the 'tts' class
warrayCreates an array of wavelet transforms from input timeseries
wavmatworkFacilitates the computations in synmat for coherence and...
wlmWavelet linear models
wlmfitFits a wavelet linear model
wlm_methodsBasic methods for the 'wlm' class
wlmtestStatistical comparison of wavelet linear models
wlmtest_methodsBasic methods for the 'wlmtest' class
wmfComputes the wavelet mean field from a matrix of...
wmf_methodsBasic methods for the 'wmf' class
wpmfWavelet phasor mean field
wpmf_methodsBasic methods for the 'wpmf' class
wtComputes the wavelet transform of a timeseries. Also the...
wt_methodsBasic methods for the 'wt' class
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