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crandalf_checkR Documentation

Submit check jobs to crandalf


Check the reverse dependencies of a package using the crandalf service: If the number of reverse dependencies is large, they will be split into batches and pushed to crandalf one by one.


crandalf_check(pkg, size = 400, jobs = Inf, which = "all")

crandalf_results(pkg, repo = NA, limit = 200, wait = 5 * 60)



The package name of which the reverse dependencies are to be checked.


The number of reverse dependencies to be checked in each job.


The number of jobs to run in Github Actions (by default, all jobs are submitted, but you can choose to submit the first few jobs).


The type of dependencies (see rev_check()).


The crandalf repo on Github (of the form user/repo such as "yihui/crandalf"). Usually you do not need to specify it, unless you are not calling this function inside the crandalf project, because gh should be able to figure out the repo automatically.


The maximum of records for gh run list to retrieve. You only need a larger number if the check results are very early in the Github Action history.


Number of seconds to wait if not all jobs have been completed on Github. By default, this function checks the status every 5 minutes until all jobs are completed. Set wait to 0 to disable waiting (and throw an error immediately when any jobs are not completed).


Due to the time limit of a single job on Github Actions (6 hours), you will have to split the large number of reverse dependencies into batches and check them sequentially on Github (at most 5 jobs in parallel). The function crandalf_check() does this automatically when necessary. It requires the git command to be available.

The function crandalf_results() fetches check results from Github after all checks are completed, merge the results, and show a full summary of check results. It requires gh (Github CLI: to be installed and you also need to authenticate with your Github account beforehand.

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