Man pages for xfun
Supporting Functions for Packages Maintained by 'Yihui Xie'

alnum_idGenerate ID strings
attrObtain an attribute of an object without partial matching
base64_encodeEncode/decode data into/from base64 encoding.
base64_uriGenerate the Data URI for a file
base_pkgsGet base R package names
bg_processStart a background process
broken_packagesFind out broken packages and reinstall them
bump_versionBump version numbers
cache_rdsCache the value of an R expression to an RDS file
crandalf_checkSubmit check jobs to crandalf
del_empty_dirDelete an empty directory
dir_createCreate a directory recursively by default
dir_existsTest the existence of files and directories
do_oncePerform a task once in an R session
download_cacheDownload a file from a URL and cache it on disk
download_fileTry various methods to download a file
embed_fileEmbed a file, multiple files, or directory on an HTML page
env_optionRetrieve a global option from both 'options()' and...
existing_filesFind file paths that exist
exit_callCall 'on.exit()' in a parent function
file_extManipulate filename extensions
file_stringRead a text file and concatenate the lines by "\n"
format_bytesFormat numbers of bytes using a specified unit
from_rootGet the relative path of a path in a project relative to the...
github_releasesGet the tags of Github releases of a repository
grep_subPerform replacement with 'gsub()' on elements matched from...
gsub_fileSearch and replace strings in files
in_dirEvaluate an expression under a specified working directory
install_dirInstall a source package from a directory
install_githubAn alias of 'remotes::install_github()'
is_abs_pathTest if paths are relative or absolute
is_asciiCheck if a character vector consists of entirely ASCII...
is_blankTest if a character vector consists of blank strings
isFALSETest if an object is 'FALSE'
is_R_CMD_checkSome utility functions for checking packages
is_sub_pathTest if a path is a subpath of a dir
is_web_pathTest if a path is a web path
magic_pathFind a file or directory under a root directory
mark_dirsMark some paths as directories
msg_catGenerate a message with 'cat()'
native_encodeTry to use the system native encoding to represent a...
news2mdConvert package news to the Markdown format
normalize_pathNormalize paths
numbers_to_wordsConvert numbers to English words
optipngRun OptiPNG on all PNG files under a directory
osTest for types of operating systems
parse_onlyParse R code and do not keep the source
pkg_attachAttach or load packages, and automatically install missing...
process_fileRead a text file, process the text with a function, and write...
proc_killKill a process and (optionally) all its child processes
proj_rootReturn the (possible) root directory of a project
prose_indexFind the indices of lines in Markdown that are prose (not...
protect_mathProtect math expressions in pairs of backticks in Markdown
raw_stringPrint a character vector in its raw form
read_allRead all text files and concatenate their content
read_binRead all records of a binary file as a raw vector by default
read_utf8Read / write files encoded in UTF-8
relative_pathGet the relative path of a path relative to a directory
rename_seqRename files with a sequential numeric prefix
rest_apiGet data from a REST API
retryRetry calling a function for a number of times
rev_checkRun 'R CMD check' on the reverse dependencies of a package
RscriptRun the commands 'Rscript' and 'R CMD'
Rscript_callCall a function in a new R session via 'Rscript()'
rstudio_typeType a character vector into the RStudio source editor
same_pathTest if two paths are the same after they are normalized
session_infoAn alternative to sessionInfo() to print session information
set_envvarSet environment variables
shrink_imagesShrink images to a maximum width
split_linesSplit a character vector by line breaks
split_sourceSplit source lines into complete expressions
strict_listStrict lists
strip_htmlStrip HTML tags
submit_cranSubmit a source package to CRAN
system3Run 'system2()' and mark its character output as UTF-8 if...
tinifyUse the Tinify API to compress PNG and JPEG images
tojsonA simple JSON serializer
treeTurn the output of 'str()' into a tree diagram
try_errorTry an expression and see if it throws an error
try_silentTry to evaluate an expression silently
upload_ftpUpload to an FTP server via 'curl'
url_accessibleTest if a URL is accessible
url_filenameExtract filenames from a URLs
valid_syntaxCheck if the syntax of the code is valid
yaml_bodyPartition the YAML metadata and the body in a document
yaml_loadRead YAML data
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