session_info: An alternative to sessionInfo() to print session information

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An alternative to sessionInfo() to print session information


This function tweaks the output of sessionInfo(): (1) It adds the RStudio version information if running in the RStudio IDE; (2) It removes the information about matrix products, BLAS, and LAPACK; (3) It removes the names of base R packages; (4) It prints out package versions in a single group, and does not differentiate between loaded and attached packages.


session_info(packages = NULL, dependencies = TRUE)



A character vector of package names, of which the versions will be printed. If not specified, it means all loaded and attached packages in the current R session.


Whether to print out the versions of the recursive dependencies of packages.


It also allows you to only print out the versions of specified packages (via the packages argument) and optionally their recursive dependencies. For these specified packages (if provided), if a function xfun_session_info() exists in a package, it will be called and expected to return a character vector to be appended to the output of session_info(). This provides a mechanism for other packages to inject more information into the session_info output. For example, rmarkdown (>= 1.20.2) has a function xfun_session_info() that returns the version of Pandoc, which can be very useful information for diagnostics.


A character vector of the session information marked as raw_string().


if (xfun::loadable("MASS")) xfun::session_info("MASS")

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