xtal: Crystallization Toolset

This is the tool set for crystallographer to design and analyze crystallization experiments, especially for ribosome from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

AuthorQingan Sun, Xiaojun Li
Date of publication2015-12-29 22:31:03
MaintainerQingan Sun <quinsun@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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design2Screen Man page
design2Screen,Design-method Man page
design2Screen-methods Man page
design8Vertex Man page
Design8Vertex Man page
Design8Vertex-class Man page
Design-class Man page
Exp-class Man page
getCondition Man page
getCondition-methods Man page
getCondition,Screen-method Man page
getOptimal Man page
getOptimal,Exp-method Man page
getOptimal-methods Man page
screen Man page
Screen Man page
Screen-class Man page
screenCsv Man page
screenCsv-methods Man page
screenCsv,Screen,character-method Man page
writeTecan Man page
writeTecan,Design8Vertex,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
writeTecan,Design8Vertex,ANY,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
writeTecan-methods Man page
xtal Man page
xtal-package Man page

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