Man pages for xtal
Crystallization Toolset

design2ScreenConstructor of Screen from Design object
design2Screen-methods~~ Methods for Function 'design2Screen' ~~
design8Vertexconstructor of Class Design8Vertex
Design8Vertex-classClass '"Design8Vertex"'
Design-classClass '"Design"'
Exp-classClass '"Exp"'
getConditionGetter of the condition matrix in Screen object
getCondition-methods~~ Methods for Function 'getCondition' ~~
getOptimalget Optimal condition in the crystallization plate
getOptimal-methods~~ Methods for Function 'getOptimal' ~~
screenScreen constructor
Screen-classClass '"Screen"'
screenCsvcsv exporter of Screen
screenCsv-methods~~ Methods for Function 'screenCsv' ~~
writeTecanTecan worklist writer
writeTecan-methods~~ Methods for Function 'writeTecan' ~~
xtal-packageCrystallization Tool
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