yhatr: R Binder for the Yhat API

Deploy, maintain, and invoke models via the Yhat REST API.

AuthorGreg Lamp <greg@yhathq.com>, Stevie Smith <dev@yhathq.com>, Ross Kippenbrock <ross@yhathq.com>
Date of publication2016-09-06 18:23:15
MaintainerGreg Lamp <greg@yhathq.com>

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add.dependency Man page
capture.src Man page
check.dependencies Man page
check.image.size Man page
is.https Man page
set.model.require Man page
yhat.batchDeploy Man page
yhat.deploy Man page
yhat.get Man page
yhat.library Man page
yhat.ls Man page
yhat.post Man page
yhat.predict Man page
yhat.predict_bulk Man page
yhat.predict_raw Man page
yhat.spider.block Man page
yhat.spider.func Man page
yhat.unload Man page
yhat.verify Man page

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