Man pages for yhatr
R Binder for the Yhat API

add.dependencyPrivate function that adds a package to the list of...
capture.srcPrivate function for catpuring the source code of model
check.dependenciesChecks dependencies and makes sure all are installed.
check.image.sizePrivate function for checking the size of the user's image.
is.httpsPrivate predicate function that checks if the protocol of a...
set.model.requirePrivate function that generates a model.require function...
yhat.batchDeployDeploy a batch model to Yhat servers
yhat.deployDeploy a model to Yhat's servers
yhat.getPrivate function for performing a GET request
yhat.libraryImport one or more libraries and add them to the Yhat model's...
yhat.lsPrivate function for determining model dependencies
yhat.postPrivate function for performing a POST request
yhat.predictMake a prediction using Yhat.
yhat.predict_bulkMake bulk predictions using Yhat.
yhat.predict_rawCalls Yhat's REST API and returns a JSON document containing...
yhat.spider.blockPrivate function for recursively looking for variables
yhat.spider.funcPrivate function for spidering function source code
yhat.unloadRemoves a library from the Yhat model's dependency list
yhat.verifyPrivate function for verifying username and apikey
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