Man pages for zoo
S3 Infrastructure for Regular and Irregular Time Series (Z's Ordered Observations)

aggregate.zooCompute Summary Statistics of zoo Objects
as.zooCoercion from and to zoo
coredataExtracting/Replacing the Core Data of Objects
frequencyReplacing the Index of Objects
ggplot2.zooConvenience Functions for Plotting zoo Objects with ggplot2
indexExtracting/Replacing the Index of Objects
is.regularCheck Regularity of a Series
lag.zooLags and Differences of zoo Objects
make.par.listMake a List from a Parameter Specification
MATCHValue Matching
merge.zooMerge Two or More zoo Objects
na.aggregateReplace NA by Aggregation
na.approxReplace NA by Interpolation
na.fillFill NA or specified positions.
na.locfLast Observation Carried Forward
na.StructTSFill NA or specified positions.
na.trimTrim Leading/Trailing Missing Observations
ORDEROrdering Permutation
plot.zooPlotting zoo Objects
read.zooReading and Writing zoo Series
rollapplyApply Rolling Functions
rollmeanRolling Means/Maximums/Medians/Sums
window.zooExtract/Replacing the Time Windows of Objects
xblocksPlot contiguous blocks along x axis.
xyplot.zooPlot zoo Series with Lattice
yearmonAn Index Class for Monthly Data
yearqtrAn Index Class for Quarterly Data
zooZ's Ordered Observations
zooregRegular zoo Series
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