make.par.list: Make a List from a Parameter Specification

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Make a List from a Parameter Specification


Process parameters so that a list of parameter specifications is returned (used by plot.zoo and xyplot.zoo).


make.par.list(nams, x, n, m, def, recycle = sum(unnamed) > 0)



character vector with names of variables.


list or vector of parameter specifications, see details.


numeric, number of rows.


numeric, number of columns. (Only determines whether m is 1 or greater than 1.


default parameter value.


logical. If TRUE recycle columns to provide unspecified ones. If FALSE use def to provide unspecified ones. This only applies to entire columns. Within columns recycling is always done regardless of how recycle is set. Defaults to TRUE if there is at least one unnamed variable and defaults to FALSE if there are only named variables in x.


This function is currently intended for internal use. It is currently used by plot.zoo and xyplot.zoo but might also be used in the future to create additional new plotting routines. It creates a new list which uses the named variables from x and then assigns the unnamed in order. For the remaining variables assign them the default value if !recycle or recycle the unnamed variables if recycle.


A list of parameters, see details.


make.par.list(letters[1:5], 1:5, 3, 5)
suppressWarnings( make.par.list(letters[1:5], 1:4, 3, 5, 99) )
make.par.list(letters[1:5], c(d=3), 3, 5, 99)
make.par.list(letters[1:5], list(d=1:2, 99), 3, 5)
make.par.list(letters[1:5], list(d=1:2, 99, 100), 3, 5)

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