Man pages for 3inar/nowaclean
Methods for Standardized Data Cleaning in the Norwegian Women and Cancer Group

boxoutOutlier detection and batch-effect investigation by boxplots
correctedBackground correction of expression values
densEstimate array-wise densities
filteredFiltering of bad quality/non-detectable probes
gene_namesGet gene name mapping
highlightHighlight an observation in four different views
hla_histBlood type probes
lab_thresholdsGrounds for excluding a sample based on lab measures
lab_variablesVector of the typical column names for lab variables
mapoutMA-plot-based outlier detection
normalizedNormalize gene expression values
plot.boxoutPlot method for 'boxout' objects
plot.densPlot method for 'dens' objects
plot.mapoutPlot method for 'mapout' objects
plot.prcoutPlot method for 'prcout' objects
prcoutPCA-based outlier detection
predict.boxoutPredict method for 'boxout' objects
predict.mapoutPredict method for 'mapout' objects
predict.prcoutPredict method for 'prcout' objects
preprocessedStandard NOWAC preprocessing
probe_aggregatedAggregates by annotation-based filtering
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