Length-Based Spawning Potential Ratio (LBSPR)

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The LBSPR package contains functions to run the Length-Based Spawning Potential Ratio (LBSPR) method. The LBSPR package can be used in two ways: 1) simulating the expected length composition, growth curve, and SPR and yield curves using the LBSPR model and 2) fitting to empirical length data to provide an estimate of the spawning potential ratio (SPR).

The LBSPR method has been developed for data-limited fisheries, where few data are available other than a representative sample of the size structure of the vulnerable portion of the population (e.g., the catch) and an understanding of the life history of the species.


The LBSPR package can be installed from CRAN:


The development version of the package can be installed from GitHub using the devtools package:

# install.packages("devtools")

LBSPR Documentation

Documentation for the LBSPR package can be found here.

Shiny Applications

Many of the functions in the LBSPR package are available as online applications at

Bugs and Feedback

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Comments and suggestions for additional features are welcome. GitHub pull requests with modifications or extensions are even more welcome!

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