Man pages for AdrianHordyk/LBSPR
Length-Based Spawning Potential Ratio

calcCurvesCalculate Relative Yield, YPR, SPR, SSB, and Recruitment...
DataDirReport the location of the Data Files
FilterSmoothKalman filter and Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoother
getFMfunCalculate F/M given SPR and other parameters
initialize-LB_lengths-methodCreate a new LB_lengths object
initialize-LB_obj-methodCreate a new LB_obj object
initialize-LB_pars-methodCreate a new LB_pars object
LB_lengths-classAn S4 class containing length data
LB_obj-classAn S4 class containing all parameters for the LBSPR model
LB_pars-classAn S4 class containing life history and other parameters
LBSPRfitFit LBSPR model to length data
LBSPRfit_Internal function to fit LBSPR model to length data
LBSPR_NLLabselLBSPR Optimization function for age-based selectivity model
LBSPR_NLLgtgLBSPR Optimization function for GTG model
LBSPRoptOptimisation Routine for fitting LBSPR
LBSPRsimLBSPR Simulation Model
LBSPRsim_Internal LBSPR Simulation Model
plotCurvesPlot the Relative Yield, YPR, SPR, SSB, and Recruitment...
plotEstsPlot LBSPR model estimates
plotMatPlot the maturity-at-length and selectivity-at-length curves
plotSimGeneral plotting function for simulated data
plotSizePlot the size data and model fits
plotSPRCircCircle of estimated SPR and target and limit points
plotTargPlot sampled length structure against target simulated size...
ShinyRun a Shiny Application
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