Man pages for Albluca/ElPiGraph.R
Elastic principal graph construction

accuracyComplexityPlotAccuracy-Complexity plot
AddNode2NodeAdds a node to each graph node
BranchingDimensionProduce a multidimensional dimension matrix
circle_dataPoints on a circle
CompareOnBranchesCompare feature values over different branches
computeElasticPrincipalCircleConscruct a princial elastic circle
computeElasticPrincipalCurveConscruct a princial elastic curve
computeElasticPrincipalGraphRegularize data and construct a principal elastic graph
computeElasticPrincipalTreeConscruct a princial elastic tree
ComputeRelativeChangeOfNodePositionsEstimates the relative difference between two node...
ComputeSpringLaplacianMatrixCompute the Laplacian matrix
ConstructGraphGenerate an igraph object from a ElPiGraph structure
curve_dataPoints on a curve
DecodeElasticMatrixConverts ElasticMatrix into a set of edges and vectors of...
ElPrincGraphCore function to construct a principal elestic graph
Encode2ElasticMatrixCreate an Elastic matrix from a set of edges
ExploreNeiInteractivelly look at data
ExtendLeavesExtend leaves with additional nodes
FindAssocitedFind the points associted with the final ElPiGraph structure
generateInitialConfigurationProduce an initial graph with a given structure
GenertateConsensusGraphObtain a consens tree from bootstrapped data
GetBranchesReturn a data frame summarizing the branching structure
GetProjectionUncertaintyCompute projection-associted uncertainty
getPseudotimeCompute the pseudotime associted with a path
GetSubGraphExtract a subgraph with a given topology from a graph
GrowPathGrow a branching path using walkers
helloHello, World!
InizializeWalkersInitialize a group of 'walkers'
MakeUniformElasticMatrixCreate a uniform elastic matrix from a set of edges
PartitionDataAssign data points to a set of nodes
plotMSDEnergyPlotPlot the MSD VS Energy plot
PlotPGPlot data and principal graph(s)
plotPieNetPlot a graph with pie chart associated with each node
PlotShinyAuxiliary function used by the shiny interface
PrimitiveElasticGraphEmbedmentFunction fitting a primitive elastic graph to the data
project_point_onto_graphProject data points on the precipal graph
RearrangePlotInteractivelly modify data
tree_dataPoints on a tree
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