Man pages for Alethere/SmoothDescent
Application of map-based genotype correction algorithm Smooth Descent

calc_IBDCalculation of IBD
configConfiguration function
extractExtraction from list
genoGenotype matrix
genotypeGenotype calculator
graphical_genotypeGraphical genotype plotter
homHomologue matrix
iterplotPlotting of map comparisons
linkdfLinkage data.frame
linkdf_shortcutLinkdf shortcut
mapMap data.frame
mdsmapMDSmap caller
predict_IBDPredict IBD
rec_countRecombination counter
recdist_calcRecombination-distance plot calculator
reorder_tauReorder parameter calculator
r_from_distReverse mapping function
rowfuseMatrix merging of rows with equal names
sdescentSmooth Descent output
sd_iterSmooth Descent iterations output
smooth_descentSmooth Descent wrapper
smooth_mapSmooth Mapping
smooth_map_iterIterative Smooth Mapping
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