Man pages for AlisonLanski/IPEDSuploadables
Transforms Institutional Data into Text Files for IPEDS Automated Import/Upload

apply_upload_formatShortcut function to turn a dataframe into key-value pairs
com_cipsDummy cip data for Completions functions
com_studentsDummy student data for Completions functions
create_dummy_data_comCreate dummy data for testing the completions functions
create_dummy_data_e1dCreate dummy data for testing the completions functions
create_dummy_data_ef1Create dummy data for testing the fall enrollment functions
create_dummy_data_grCreate dummy data for testing the Grad Rates functions
create_dummy_data_gr200Create dummy data for testing the Grad Rates 200 function
create_dummy_data_hrCreate dummy data for testing the hr functions
create_dummy_data_omCreate dummy data for testing the outcome measures functions
e1d_instrDummy aggregated data for 12 Month Enrollment part B
e1d_studentsDummy student-level data for 12 Month Enrollment parts A, C,...
ef1_retentionDummy student retention data for Fall Enrollment scripts part...
ef1_studentsDummy student data for Fall Enrollment scripts
get_ipeds_unitidGrab institution's UNITID from supplied data to populate...
gr200_studentsDummy student data for Graduation Rates 200 functions
gr_studentsDummy student data for the Graduation Rates scripts
hr_staffDummy staff data for Human Resources functions
IPEDSuploadables'IPEDSuploadables' package
make_com_part_AMake Completions Part A
make_com_part_BMake Completions Part B
make_com_part_CMake Completions Part C
make_com_part_DMake Completions Part D
make_com_part_EMake Completions Part E (gender details)
make_e1d_part_AMake 12 Month Enrollment Part A
make_e1d_part_BMake 12 Month Enrollment Part B
make_e1d_part_CMake 12 Month Enrollment Part C
make_e1d_part_DMake 12 Month Enrollment Part D (gender details)
make_e1d_part_EMake 12 Month Enrollment Part E
make_ef1_part_AMake Fall Enrollment Part A
make_ef1_part_BMake Fall Enrollment Part B
make_ef1_part_CMake Fall Enrollment Part C
make_ef1_part_DMake Fall Enrollment Part D
make_ef1_part_EMake Fall Enrollment Part E
make_ef1_part_FMake Fall Enrollment Part F
make_ef1_part_GMake Fall Enrollment Part G
make_ef1_part_HMake Fall Enrollment Part H (gender details)
make_gr200Make Graduation Rates 200
make_gr_part_BMake Graduation Rates Part B
make_gr_part_CMake Graduation Rates Part C
make_gr_part_EMake Graduation Rates Part E (gender details)
make_hr_part_A1Make Human Resources Part A1
make_hr_part_A2Make Human Resources Part A2
make_hr_part_B1Make Human Resources Part B1
make_hr_part_B2Make Human Resources Part B2
make_hr_part_B3Make Human Resources Part B3
make_hr_part_D1Make Human Resources Part D1
make_hr_part_D2Make Human Resources Part D2
make_hr_part_D3Make Human Resources Part D3
make_hr_part_D4Make Human Resources Part D4
make_hr_part_G1Make Human Resources Part G1
make_hr_part_G2Make Human Resources Part G2
make_hr_part_H1Make Human Resources Part H1
make_hr_part_H2Make Human Resources Part H2
make_om_part_AMake Outcome Measures Part A
make_om_part_BMake Outcome Measures Part B
make_om_part_CMake Outcome Measures Part C
make_om_part_DMake Outcome Measures Part D
om_studentsDummy data for Outcome Measures functions
part_outputsOutput files from the make functions using the package dummy...
prep_com_data_frameSome initial recoding for Completions
prep_ef1_data_frameSome initial recoding for Fall Enrollment
prep_hr_data_frameSome initial recoding for Human Resources
prep_om_awardsSet up extra_awards df for Outcome Measures part B, C, D
prep_om_data_frameSome initial recoding for OutcomeMeasures
produce_com_reportShortcut function with all steps to provide a Completions...
produce_e1d_reportShortcut function with all steps to provide a 12 Month...
produce_ef1_reportShortcut function with all steps to provide a Fall Enrollment...
produce_gr200_reportShortcut function with all steps to provide a Grad Rates 200...
produce_gr_reportShortcut function with all steps to provide a Graduation...
produce_hr_reportShortcut function with all steps to provide a Human Resources...
produce_om_reportShortcut function with all steps to provide an Outcome...
produce_other_reportProduce an upload-compatible txt file from pre-aggregated...
set_report_pathSet the path for where the reports will be saved to.
specs_COMTable of data requirements for Completions starting dataframe
specs_E1DTable of data requirements for 12 Month Enrollment starting...
specs_EF1Table of data requirements for Fall Enrollment starting...
specs_GRTable of data requirements for Graduation Rates starting...
specs_GR200Table of data requirements for Grad Rates 200 starting...
specs_HRTable of data requirements for HR starting dataframe
specs_OMTable of data requirements for OM starting dataframe
write_reportWrite the prepared data to a txt file in key-value format
write_report_csvWrite the prepared data to a csv file
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