create_dummy_data_e1d: Create dummy data for testing the completions functions

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create_dummy_data_e1dR Documentation

Create dummy data for testing the completions functions


Creates a prepared dataframe to test scripts related to IPEDS 12 Month Enrollment reporting. Produces either a student dataframe or a dataframe of instructional activity, depending on the argument you select


create_dummy_data_e1d(df_type = "student")



a string: "student" to get the main df needed, "instr" to get instructionalactivity


a dataframe ready for the rest of the e1d scripts


The final dataset has 100 students 60 UG students (40 FT, 20 PT; 26 seeking degrees, 34 not) UG include: 20 first time, 20 transfer, 20 continuing/returning; 40 Grad Students (10 FT, 30 PT; 24 seeking degrees, 16 not)

For simplicity, only 1 race-ethnicity category is used 5 UG and 5 Grad are set to be fully distance ed 10 UG are set to be partially distance ed



student_df <- create_dummy_data_e1d()

instr_df <- create_dummy_data_e1d(df_type = "instr")

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