create_dummy_data_com: Create dummy data for testing the completions functions

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create_dummy_data_comR Documentation

Create dummy data for testing the completions functions


Creates a prepared dataframe to test scripts related to IPEDS Completions reporting. Produces either a student/degree dataframe or a dataframe of cips previously reported but not in the current student data, depending on the argument you select


create_dummy_data_com(df_type = "student")



a string: "student" to get the main df needed, "cip" to get extracips


a dataframe ready for the rest of the comp scripts


The final dataset has 60 students with 105 majors. Students 100-130, 140, 150 have 1 major for 1 degree (journalism) Students 131-139 have 2 majors for 1 degree (journalism + parks) Students 141-149 have 3 majors for 1 degree (journalism, parks, linguistics) Students 151-159 have 3 majors for 2 degrees (1 degree with journalism/parks, 1 MBA degree) Note: 1 student has a faulty birthdate; this will show the warning "1 failed to parse"

Two rows (level 18 linguistics) are flagged as distance education

To fully process completions, we will need to include an example of a CIP code that is a possible major but has no completers and a CIP code in an award level that is possible but has no completers This is the second piece of dummy df produced



# one date fails to parse:
# this is to provide an example of missing
# data which is acceptable to IPEDS
students <- create_dummy_data_com()

additional_cips <- create_dummy_data_com(df_type = "cip")

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