Man pages for Almond-S/manifoldboost
Boosting Regression Models for Manifold Valued Data

as_complexConverting to complex by casting dim into real/imaginary
as_FDConvert other data to the FDboost format data.frame to FDboost data format
as_FD.listInterpret response given as list for FDboost
as_FD.tbl_cubeInterpret response given as tbl_cube for FDboost
as_shape_col_defaultConvert a 'data.frame' or 'list' to a 'shape_col_default'
as_shape_col_longConvert a 'data.frame' or 'list' to a 'shape_col_long'
as_shape_cube_defaultConvert a 'data.frame' or 'list' to a 'shape_cube_default'
as_shape_datConvert objects to 'shape_dat' subclasses
as_shape_frame_complexConvert objects to 'shape_frame_complex'
as_shape_frame_defaultConvert a 'data.frame' or 'list' to a 'shape_frame_default'
as_shape_frame_longConvert a 'data.frame' or 'list' to a 'shape_frame_long'
btrafoBaselearner Basis Transformation Operator
cellsCell outlines simulated from CPM
clone(Deep) clone an S4 class object containing R6 slots
clone-mfboost_family-method(Deep) clone an S4 class object containing R6 slots
complex2realmatConvert complex to real liner operator matrix
equal_weightsSimple 1/n_grid weights
factorizeFactorize tensor product model
FDboost_fac-class'FDboost_fac' S3 class for factorized FDboost model...
FD-classAn 'FD' S3 class for FDboost data formats
formula.shape_datExtract 'shape_dat' formula
get_datExtract data with structure formula
grapes-grapesBase Learner Basis Orthogonalization Operator
make_summation_matrixConstruct basis transformation matrix for (skew-)symmetry...
match_templateMatch variables from formula to template
mfboostModel-based Boosting for Manifold Valued Object Data
mfboost_fac-class'mfboost_fac' S3 class for factorized mfboost model component
mfboost_family-classS4 class for a gradient boosting family with geometry slot.
mfFamilyManifold Gradient Boosting Families
mfFormulae_for_FDboostConvert obj.formula and friends to FDboost formulae
mfFormulae_for_FDboost.formulaInterpret obj.formula as FDboost timeformula
mfGeometryR6 Class implementing manifold geometries
mfGeomEuclideanEuclidean Geometry Class
mfGeomPlanarShapePlanar Shape Space Geometry
mfGeomPlanarSizeShapePlanar Size and Shape Space Geometry
mfGeomProductA general product geometry
mfGeomUnitSphereGeometry of the Unit Sphere
mfInterpret_cplx_curvesComplex planar curve interpreter
mfInterpret_objformulaExtract structural info from obj.formula
mfPoleR6 Class for mfboost pole model object for use in...
new_shape_col_defaultBuild a 'shape_col_default' object
new_shape_col_longBuild a 'shape_col_long' object
new_shape_cube_defaultBuild a 'shape_cube_default' object
new_shape_frame_defaultBuild a 'shape_frame_default' object
new_shape_frame_longBuild a 'shape_frame_long' object
plot.FDboost_facPrediction and plotting for factorized FDboost model...
plot.mfboostPlot effect estimates of mfboost model
Predict.matrix.sympspline.smoothPredict matrix method for (skew-)symmetric smooths
predict.mfboostPredict with mfboost model
RiemannL2simR6 class for a simulation of RiemannL2 models
shape_datBuild a 'shape_dat' object
shape_dat-class'shape_dat' S3 class and subclasses
shape_frame_complex-class'shape_frame_complex' S3 class
shape_namesExtract 'shape_dat' stored variable names
smooth.construct.sps.smooth.spec(Skew-)Symmetric smooths constructor
trapez_weightsTrapezoidal rule numerical integration weights
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