Man pages for AustralianAntarcticDivision/blueant
Antarctic and Southern Ocean environmental data sources

bb_aadc_sourceGenerate a bowerbird data source object for an Australian...
bb_handler_aadcHandler for files downloaded from the Australian Antarctic...
bb_handler_ampsHandler for AMPS data (Antarctic mesoscale prediction system)
bb_handler_argoHandler for Argo profile data sources
bb_handler_ghrsstHandler for GHRSST data sources
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sourcesBowerbird configurations for various Antarctic and Southern...
sources_altimetryAltimetry data sources
sources_biologicalBiological data sources
sources_meteorologicalMeteorological data sources
sources_ocean_colourOcean colour data sources
sources_oceanographicOceanographic data sources
sources_reanalysisReanalysis data sources
sources_sdmData sources intended for species distribution modelling and...
sources_seaiceSea ice data sources
sources_sstSea surface temperature data sources
sources_topographyTopographical data sources
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