Man pages for BarkleyBG/stabilizedinterference
Stabilized IPW Estimators for Causal Effects with Partial Interference

calcDeltaMethodVarianceCalculates the estimate and variance for causal effects
coef.ipw_interferenceReturns the model coefficients from ipw_interference object
contrastThesePlumber for defining a contrast matrix
eeFunCombinedEstimating Function for IPTW
eeFunTV_IPTWEstimating Function for IPTW
estimateEffectsStabilized IPTW Estimators for Causal Effects Assuming...
estimateTargetsCalcluates point estimates for target estimands
estimateVarianceCombinedEstimates of the asymptotic variance of the estimators
fitModelEstimate the treatment model parameters.
getContrastValsReturns a contrast matrix's values
getGeexNumPlumber to assist with geex-to-TV conversion
getModelGrabs necessary information from a treatment model.
makeTargetGridsMakes a dataframe "grid" of estimands to estimate
prepareOracleA helper function for using oracle estimates for...
print.ipw_interferencePrints small amount of output from a ipw_interference object
tidyTargetsTake geex'd variance output and turn it into a tidy grid of...
tidyTargetsCombinedTake geex'd variance output and turn it into a tidy grid of...
trtIdxHelper function for 'tidyTargetsCombined'
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