Man pages for BimberLab/cellhashR
A Package for Demultiplexing Cell Hashing Data

AppendCellHashingAppend Cell Hashing to a Seurat Object
CalculateSaturationFor10xCalculate Saturation For 10x
CallAndGenerateReportCall Cell Hashing And Generate Report
EstimateMultipletRateEstimate Multiplet Rate for 10x Genomics Data
GenerateCellHashingCallsGenerate Cell Hashing Calls
GetExampleMarkdownGet Example Markdown
GetSeedGet random seed
ParameterScanPerform a parameter scan with BFF parameters
PlotLibrarySaturationPlot Library Saturation
PlotLibrarySaturationByMarkerPlot Library Saturation By Marker
PlotNormalizationQCPlot Normalization QC
ProcessCountMatrixProcess CiteSeq Count Matrix
SetSeedSet random seed
SummarizeCellsByClassificationSummarize Cells By Classification
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