Man pages for BoulderCodeHub/CRSSIO
Package to manage the CRSS input/output data

changeStartDateForEvapAndAddZerosChange Start Date of Evap Files
copyAndChangeNFFileNamesRename CRSS Input Files
createCRSSDNFInputFilesCreate CRSS Natural Flow Input Files
createCRSSInputAddInRStudio Addin to Create CRSS Input Files
createISMMatrixCreate a matrix of data based on the ISM method
createSysCondTableCreate standard CRSS system conditions table
CRSSIOCRSSIO: Package to manage the input/output of CRSS data.
CRSSNatSaltInputNamesGet vector of CRSS natural salt input file names
CRSSNFInputNamesGet vector of CRSS natural inflow file names
elevation2VolumeCompute Volume from Elevation for a Reservoir
getAllISMMatricesreturns all ISM matrices for all nodes
nfGageNamesGet vector of CRSS natural inflow USGS gage names
nfShortNamesGet vector of CRSS natural inflow shorthand names
readAndFormatNFExcelRead in NF Excel file and format it
sysCondSALMatrixMatrix for slot aggregation list for system conditions
trimCCNFFilesTrim Climate Change Natural Flow Files
writeNFFilesByNodeWrite out all of the trace files for a given node
writeSingleFilewrite out a single trace of data
writeTraceSupplyNumberswrite out the trace number and supply scenario number, to a...
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