Man pages for BrandonEdwards/bbsBayes
Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of North American Breeding Bird Survey Data

bird_sampleSample point count data per species (Wood Thrush only)
extract_index_dataExtract index data
fetch_bbs_dataFetch Breeding Bird Survey dataset
generate_cont_indicesGenerate a dataframe of the continental yearly indices
generate_cont_trendGenerate the continental trend
generate_mapGenerate a map of trends by strata.
generate_regional_indicesGenerate a dataframe of the regional yearly indices
generate_regional_trendsGenerate regional trends for countries, states/provinces, or...
generate_strata_indicesGenerate a dataframe of the stratum indices
generate_strata_trendsGenerate a dataframe of the stratum trends
geofacet_plotGenerate a geofacet plot of population trajectories by...
get_final_valuesGet final values of JAGS model
get_mcmc_listObtain MCMC list from jagsUI object
get_prepared_dataGet the prepared species dataset used for JAGS
get_species_aouGet AOU code of a species
get_strata_areaGet the area of each strata
load_bbs_dataLoad Breeding Bird Survey dataset into R Session
load_sample_dataLoad Sample Breeding Bird Survey dataset into R Session
lppdCalculate log posterior predictive density
model_to_fileSave model to text file
plot_cont_indicesGenerate continental plot of index trajectories.
plot_strata_indicesGenerate plots of index trajectories by stratum
prepare_jags_dataWrangle data to use for JAGS input
p_waicCalculate effective number of parameters
r_hatGenerate Gelman-Rubin's R-Hat statistic
route_sampleSample route data per year run (Wood Thrush only)
run_modelRun JAGS model for prepared species data
species_sampleSample North American bird species list (Wood Thrush only)
stratifyStratify raw Breeding Bird Survey data
waicCalculate Watanabe–Akaike information criterion
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