Man pages for Chabert-Liddell/MLVSBM
A stochastic Block Model for MultiLeVel networks

ARICompare two clustering with the Adjusted Rand Index
FitMLVSBMAn R6 Class ocject, a fitted multilevel network once $dovem()...
FitSBMAn R6 Class ocject, a fitted level of a multilelvel network...
hierarClustPerform a Hierarchical Clustering
merge_clustMerge a list of clusters
MLVSBMA R6Class for multilevel object
mlvsbm_create_networkCreate a MLVSBM object from observed data
mlvsbm_estimate_networkInfer a multilevel network (MLVSBM object), the original...
mlvsbm_simulate_networkCreate a simulated multilevel network (MLVSBM object)
simulate_adjacencySimulation an adjacency matrix
simulate_affiliationSimulate of matrix of affiliation
spcClustPerform a spectral clustering
split_clustMerge a list of clusters
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