Man pages for Cibiv/gwpcR
Amplification+Sequencing Model based on a Galton-Watson Branching Process and Poissonian Sampling

gwpcrBinomial Galton-Watson Model for the Polymerase Chain...
gwpcr.mixtureMixtures of Distributions with PCR-distributed Weights
gwpcr.molecules.precomputePrecompute PCR Product Distribution for a larger Number of...
gwpcrpoisPoissonian Sampling Distribution of the PCR Product...
gwpcrpois.estParameter Estimation for PCR-Poisson Mixture
gwpcrpois.groupestGroup-wise Parameter Estimation for PCR-Poisson Mixture
gwpcrpois.mleCompatibility wrapper of 'gwpcrpois.est'
gwpcrpois.momCompatibility wrapper of 'gwpcrpois.est' wrapper of 'gwpcrpois.groupest'
gwpcr.sdPCR Product Distribution Standard Deviation
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