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Create a brochureApp


This function is to be used in place of shinyApp().


  onStart = NULL,
  options = list(),
  enableBookmarking = NULL,
  content_404 = "Not found",
  basepath = "",
  req_handlers = list(),
  res_handlers = list(),
  wrapped = shiny::tagList



a list of elements to inject in the brochureApp. IMPORTANT NOTE all elements which are not of class "brochure_*" will be injected as is in the page. In other word, if you use a function that return a string, the string will be added as is to the pages. The only elements that should be injected on top of page()s are HTML elements and/or tagList/tags that are invisible on screen (for example a ⁠<script></script>⁠).


A function that will be called before the app is actually run. This is only needed for shinyAppObj, since in the shinyAppDir case, a global.R file can be used for this purpose.


Named options that should be passed to the runApp call (these can be any of the following: "port", "launch.browser", "host", "quiet", "display.mode" and "test.mode"). You can also specify width and height parameters which provide a hint to the embedding environment about the ideal height/width for the app.


Can be one of "url", "server", or "disable". The default value, NULL, will respect the setting from any previous calls to enableBookmarking(). See enableBookmarking() for more information on bookmarking your app.


The content to dislay when a 404 is sent


The base path of your app. This pattern will be removed from the url, so that it matches the href of your page(). For example, it you have an app at ⁠⁠, and your page is names page1, use basepath = "brochure"


a list of functions that can manipulate the req object. These functions should take req as a parameters, and return the req object (potentially modified), or an object of class httpResponse. If any of the req_handlers return an httpResponse, this response will be sent to the browser immeditately, stopping any other code.


A list of functions that can manipulate the httpResponse object before it is send to the browser. Each function must take a res and req parameter.


A UI function wrapping the Brochure UI. Default is shiny::tagList.


A shiny.appobj

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