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#' Creates a Chart of Nig Migration Age Profiles
#' Uses State Demography Office estimates of the Net Migration by age for each county to
#' create a chart that shows net migration by single year of age for a list of counties.
#' Data comes from a demographic analysis of each county using births and deaths from each year
#' to interpolate the implied migration between the two decennial census' in 2000 and 2010.
#' @param fips_list is the fips code(s) for the countt(ies) of interest
#' @param base is the base text size for the ggplot2 object and codemog_theme()
cp_migbyage=function(fips_list, base=12, agecat="five"){
require(car, quietly=TRUE)
require(codemog, quietly=TRUE)
require(ggplot2, quietly=TRUE)
require(scales, quietly=TRUE)
require(grid, quietly=TRUE)
require(tidyr, quietly=TRUE)
require(dplyr, quietly=TRUE)

codemog_pal=c(rgb(31,73,125, max=255),
              rgb(192,80,77, max=255),
              rgb(101, 80, 60, max=255),
              rgb(239, 117, 33, max=255),
              rgb(119, 171, 67, max = 255),
              rgb(208, 210, 211, max = 255),
              rgb(210, 210, 210, max = 255))

  filter(countyfips %in% as.numeric(fips_list), year==2013)%>%
  select(countyfips, county)

  filter(countyfips %in% fips_list, age<90)%>%
  ggplot(aes(x=age, y=netMigration, color=county))+
  # scale_x_discrete(breaks=switch(agecat, five=c("5","10","15","20","25","35","30","35",'40',"45","50",'55',"60","65","70","75","80","85"), ten=c(10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80)))+
  theme_codemog(base_size = base)+
  labs(x="Age", y="Net Migration", title="Net Migration by Age, 2000 to 2010\nSource:U.S. Census Bureau and State Demography Office")
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