API for Don-Li/CAB
The Computational Analysis of Behaviour

Global functions
CAB Man page
CAB-package Man page
CAB.COR Man page
CAB.EBD Man page
CAB.model-class Man page
CAB.repalcement Man page
CAB_cpp_clean_short_ixxi Source code
CAB_cpp_clean_short_ixyi Source code
CAB_cpp_compute__I_xy_I__formal_event_record Source code
CAB_cpp_diff Source code
CAB_cpp_geometric_fitness_selection Source code
CAB_cpp_indicator_matrix Source code
CAB_cpp_int2bin Source code
CAB_cpp_local_binning Source code
CAB_cpp_local_times_formal_event_record Source code
CAB_cpp_local_times_ragged_event_record Source code
CAB_cpp_not_duplicated Source code
CAB_cpp_unique Source code
CAB_samplers Man page
CAB_srswo Man page
COR Man page
COR.G_E_emission Man page Source code
COR.constant_depletion Man page Source code
COR.exponential_vi Man page Source code
COR.initial_reserve Man page Source code
COR.linear_DOR Man page Source code
COR.rft_duration Man page Source code
COR.shifted_exponential_vi Source code
DOR Man page
EBD Man page
EBD.geometric_fitness_weights Man page Source code
EBD.geometric_vi Man page Source code
EBD.get_oc Man page Source code
EBD.reproduction Man page
EBD.response_emission Man page Source code
EBD.shifted_geometric_vi Source code
EBD.w_gaussian_mutation Man page Source code
EBD_BR Man page Source code
EBD_B_premutate Man page Source code
EBD_RS_BR Man page Source code
EBD_WSI_fitness Man page Source code
EBD_prp_race Man page Man page Source code
UOA_analysis_object-class Man page
[,CAB.model,character-method Man page
analysis_object-class Man page
bin2int Man page Source code
class.CAB.model Man page
class.dataset Man page
class.event_record Man page
clean_short_IxyI Man page
compute.I_xx_I.all_break.ragged_event_record Source code
compute.I_xx_I.no_break.ragged_event_record Source code
compute.I_xx_I.ragged_event_record Man page Source code
compute.I_xy_I.all_break.ragged_event_record Source code
compute.I_xy_I.no_break.ragged_event_record Source code
compute.I_xy_I.ragged_event_record Source code
compute.IxyI Man page
compute.local_counts Man page
compute.local_rates Man page
compute.session_rates Man page
compute.session_rates,formal_event_record,list,character,missing Man page
compute.session_rates,formal_event_record,list,character,numeric Man page
compute.session_rates,formal_event_record,list,missing,missing-m Man page
compute.session_rates,formal_event_record,list,missing,numeric-m Man page
compute.session_rates,ragged_event_record,list,character,missing Man page
compute.session_rates,ragged_event_record,list,character,numeric Man page
compute.session_rates,ragged_event_record,list,missing,missing-m Man page
compute.session_rates,ragged_event_record,list,missing,numeric-m Man page
compute_ixxi_FER Source code
compute_ixxi_FER_breaks Source code
compute_ixyi_FER Source code
compute_ixyi_FER_breaks Source code
convert_event_record Man page
convert_event_record_ragged_to_formal Source code
copy_event_record Man page
copy_formal_event_record Source code
copy_ragged_event_record Source code
dataset-class Man page
decompose_variable_array Source code
depletion Man page
e_set Man page
event_record Man page
event_record-class Man page
event_record_show_helper Source code
fitness_function Man page
formal_event_record.session_rate_helper Source code
get_event Man page
get_event_helper Source code
hello Man page
import_medpc_to_formal_event_record Source code
indicator_matrix Man page Source code
initial_reserve Man page
int2bin Man page Source code
inter-response_time Man page
ixyi Man page
ks Man page Man page Source code
local_rate_bin_helper Source code
local_rates Man page
make.custom_analysis_object Man page Source code
make.custom_dataset_object Man page Source code
make.formal_event_record Man page Source code
make.ragged_event_record Source code
make.simulation_analysis_object Man page Source code
mcdowell_sampling Man page Source code
model.do Source code
model_constructor Man page Source code
model_do Man page
mpc_backup_reader Man page Source code
mpc_process_event_array Source code
next_event_helper Source code
not_duplicated Man page Source code
o_set Man page
preference_pulse_2A Source code
ragged_event_record.session_rate_helper Source code
reset_event Man page
reset_event_helper Source code
reset_model_helper Source code
rft_duration Man page
set.custom_analysis_object Man page Source code
set.custom_dataset Man page Source code
set_derived Man page
set_general_array Source code
set_param Man page
show,CAB.model-method Man page
show,formal_event_record-method Man page
show,ragged_event_record-method Man page
simple_factorial_counts Man page Source code
simple_ixyi Man page Source code
simulation_analysis_object-class Man page
srs Man page Source code
srswo Man page Source code
tabulation Man page
timesTwo Source code
trim_event_record Man page
trim_event_record_helper Source code
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