Man pages for ECCC-MSC/Basin-Delineation
Finds upstream area and upstream stations

add_station_to_tableAdd station to upstream table
ARCTICTileNameARCTIC DEM Tile name from coordinates
bool_checkConvert vector to logical
BreachDepressionsRSSink Removal
CalculateNCACalculate non-contributing area for
CDEDGetTilePathGet URL of CDED NTS tile
CDEMGetTilePathGet URL of CDEM NTS tile
CGNDBDownloadAPIDownload data from CGNDB
CGNDBHydroKMLdownload kml of hydrological feature
CGNDBQueryAPIConstruct query for CGNDB API
ChannelNetworkRSBuild channel network using RSAGA
check_symmetryCheck symmetry of station matrix
check_transitivityCheck transitivity of station matrix
ClipGridRSClip grid to object plus buffer (Clip Grids = 31)
ClipPolygonRSClip Polygon (Clip Grids = 11)
CombineWatershedsCombine Watersheds
CompileDEMCreate DEM mosaic
DEMDrainageBasinCalculate basin delineation using a DEM
DifferenceRSDifference grids
DownloadAndUnzipDownload and unzip a file
DownloadMultipleDEMDownload Multiple DEM files
DownloadSingleDEMDownload DEM Sheet
ExpandBBoxExpand Bounding box
FillSinksRSFill Sinks
fill_upstream_gapsFill gaps between catchment and HydroBASIN
FilterKMLGeometryConvert KML to shapefile, retaining only one geometry type
FindAllUpstreamSubBasinsFind All Upstream Sub-Basins
FindDownstreamBasinsFind Downstream Basins
FindNearestRiverSegmentFind nearest river segment
FindUpstreamSubBasinsFind Nearest Upstream Sub-Basins
FlowAccumulationRSGenerate Flow Accumulation using RSAGA
gdal_mosaicMosaic rasters with GDAL
gdal_warp2SAGAConvert GRID to SAGA SGRD
get_downstreamGet downstream stations
GetMosaicLimitsGet Mosaic Extent
GetNTSDEMTilePathGet FTP path for NTS DEM tile
getPourPointMove station to pourpoint
GetProj4Proj4 string from abbreviation
GetTilePathsHSGet file paths of hydrosheds tiles
get_upstreamGet upstream stations
GraticuleIndicesFind intersecting graticule tiles within distance of point
Grid2PolyRSGrid to polygon
GridThresholdRSGrid threshold
GridVolumeRSCalculate Grid Volume
HYBASBasinLimitsCreate HydroBASINS delineation
HYBASBasinLimits_LakeCreate HydroBASINS catchment for a hydrometric station on a...
HydroMosaicFind all hydroSHEDS tiles within a distance of a point
HydroTileGet name of HydroSHEDS DEM tile
initialize_matrix_from_stationsCreate upstream matrix from station names
InterpretShapefileread shapefile as filepath or R object
LakeDEMCalculate basin delineation for a hydrometric station on a...
Lake_StationMake upstream basin boundaries for a station on a lake
LoadHybasLoad a HydroBASINS shapefile into R
LongitudeLengthCalculate Length of Longitudinal Degree
MosaicAndWarpMosaic and warp raster set
most_downstreamGet a list of the most downstream stations
NearestHYBASHybas to stationprefix
NEDcoverageFind all NED DEM tiles necessary to cover spatial object
outerRingRemove holes from polygon
OverlayDEMCreate DEM mosaic to cover spatial object
padAdd character strings on either end of an input character...
ParseStationNameFind waterbody name from HYDAT station name
Point2GridRSShapes to Grid
populate_table_from_delineationsUpstream stations from basin delineations
read_coverage_treeRead a station coverage text file
read.pt2Read pt2 file
read.sgrd.headerRead SAGA SGRD header
readsimpleGet upstream stations in tree
read.tb0Read *.tb0
SameCRSEnsure that two Spatial* objects have the same CRS
SampleRasterRSMeasure raster at point using RSAGA
set_downstreamSet downstream station
set_downstream_recursiveRecursively set downstream stations
set_relative_positionSet relative position of station
set_upstreamSet upstream station
set_upstream_recursiveRecursively set upstream stations
SnapToNearestSnap point to nearest line
SnapToPourPointSnap to pour point
SpatialCSVCreate SpatialPointsDataFrame from csv
SpatialECDESpatial ECDE
SpatialHydatCreate spatial object from Hydat connection
StationNameGeometryGeometry of waterbody from station name
subset_tableSubset table
TileIndexGet names of DEM tiles that overlap object
tree_get_all_upstreamGet all upstream stations from a tree graph
tree_get_upstreamGet upstream stations in tree
tree_to_matrixConvert station tree to matrix
UpslopeAreaRSUpslope area
UpslopeDEMCalculate upslope polygon from DEM
UpstreamHYBASCreate HydroBASINS catchment basin
upstream_stations_from_delineationFind Upstream Stations
USGSTileNameUSGS Tile name from coordinates
WhichZoneDetermine UTM zone from longitude
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