Defines functions social_set_generic_attribute_on_nw

#' @export
social_set_generic_attribute_on_nw <- function(params,init_nw){

  # Helper function that sets “att1”, generic attribute values on network
  # based on user set generic nodal attributes from "input_paramters_primary"
  # includes generic_nodal_att_values (names of generic attributes (eg, 1:5)) and 
  # generic_nodal_att_values_props (proportions of each attribute in initial pop)
  # needed for estimation/simulation; called from “setup_nodal_attributes”
  #fxn to set initial generic att values on initial network
  #input:generic_nodal_att_values, generic_nodal_att_values_props, dat$nw
  #output: vertex attribute for dat$nw
  temp_length <- length(params$generic_nodal_att_values)
  #if user supplies own proportions to apportion attribute among population
  #(with some qaqc on user input)

    # Definitions given in input_paramters_primary
    generic_nodal_att_values        = NA   # names of generic attributes (eg, 1:5)
    generic_nodal_att_values_props  = NA   # proportions of each att in initial pop
    generic_nodal_att_no_categories = NA   # how many generic att categories
    generic_nodal_att_trans_mat     = NA
      if(temp_length != length(params$generic_nodal_att_values_props))
           stop("number of attributes and number of elements in user distribution for generic attribute not equal")
          stop("user specified proportions do not sum to one")
         stop("invalid values in user input for generic attribute proportions")

       generic_att_values <- utilities_apportion.lr(vector.length = params$initial_pop,
                                 values = params$generic_nodal_att_values,
                                 proportions = params$generic_nodal_att_values_props,
                                 shuffled = T)      
  }# end of user specified proportions block
  #default uniform apportionment (more or less), generic_nodal_att_values_props=NA
     temp_props  <-  rep(1/temp_length, temp_length) 
     generic_att_values <- utilities_apportion.lr(vector.length = params$initial_pop,
                                values = params$generic_nodal_att_values,
                                proportions = temp_props, shuffled = T)
  } #end of defualt apportionment
  #assign values of initial generic_attribue to initial network
  network::set.vertex.attribute( x = init_nw, attr = "att1",
                                  value = generic_att_values)
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