Man pages for Fang0828/SCMarker
What the package does (short line)

BinaDiscretized matrix
genecountCount the number of non-zero
GeneFilterFiltering gene
genepeakEstimating modal distribution
getClusterGeneIdentifying cluster specific genes under clutering from...
getMarkerMarker selection
getMENMutually nearest exclusive gene pairs
getMNNMutual nearest coexpressed gene pairs
HeatmapCellHeatmap of single cell based on top cluster specific genes
HeatmapClusterHeatmap of cluster based on top cluster specific genes
MNNpairGene pairs
ModalFilterFiltering genes with unimodal distribution
peakEstimation of bi/multimodal distribution
RankGenegene pair order
SCclusterApplication in Seurat cluster using markers selected from...
SCMarker-packageWhat the package does (short line)
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