Man pages for GICUNED/GridFCM
Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCM) for RepGrids and ImpGrids

actvectorCreate Activation Vector (actvector)
auc_indexPCSD AUC Index - auc_index()
betw_indexBetweeness index - betw_index()
close_indexCloseness index - close_index()
degree_indexDegree Index - degree_index()
density_indexFuzzy Cognitive Map density - density_index()
digraphlayoutsDigraph Layouts
dismatrixDistance Matrix - dismatrix()
elsa2022.gridElsa RepGrid
elsa2022.impElsa ImpGrid
fcmdigraphFuzzy Cognitive Map Digraph - fcmdigraph()
fcmdigraph3D3D Fuzzy Cognitive Digraph - fcmdigraph3D()
fcminferinference of simulated future scenarios - fcminfer()
fcminfer2inference of simulated future scenarios - fcminfer2()
fcmreportGridFCM Analisys Report - fcmreport())
GridFCM-packageGRID FCM
idealdigraphIdeal Map Digraph - idealdigraph()
importgridImport RepGrid - importgrid()
importimpImport ImpGrid - importimp()
importwimpImport Weighted ImpGrid
inc_indexIdeal Inconsitencies - inc_index()
lineal.thrLinear threshold Function
pcsdPersonal Constructs System Dynamics plot - pcsd()
pcsd_derivativePCSD derivative - pcsd_derivative()
pcsd_summaryPCSD summary - pcsd_summary()
propfunctionsTypes of Propagation Punctions
scenariomatrixScenario Matrix
scsiminference of simulated future scenarios - scsim()
selfdigraphWimp digraph
stability_indexPCSD Stability Index - stability_index()
templateimpCreate ImpGrid Template - templateimp()
thrfunctionsTypes of Threshold Function
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