Man pages for HegemanLab/ProteinTurnover
Protein Turnover Experiment Analysis

addEICsGet EIC data on specified sequences
calcEnvCalculate natural abundance of isotopes over several...
getParsGet output from a list of completed fits
isocountsSample Count Data
isodataSample Peptide/Isotope Data
isoincorpSample Peptide/Isotope Data
makeDataMake data frame from a sequence
makeSequenceExtract peptide sequence information for a single sequence...
makeSequenceHTMLMake HTML output for a list of fits
makeSequencesExtract peptide sequence information from a data file
mclapply.progresslapply over multiple cores with progress bar
parmatrixGets the fitted parameters from a pepfit object
parmatrix.byixCreate a function that will set up a parmatrix
parsetupParameter setup functions
pepcompareCompare two fitted models
pepcurveFit an exponential curve to fitted pi, r, and alpha values
pepfitFit a model
pepfittestTest a pepfit
pepsimCreate a set of simulated data
pepsimtestTest a set of simulated data
rawToRDSConvert raw mzXML files to Rdata files
readScaffoldFileRead Scaffold file
relAbForTimesRelative Abundance from Counts, for multiple time points
relAbFromCountsRelative Abundance from Counts
scoreGet a score for a given fit
summary.pepfitSummarize and print results from a pepfit
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