Man pages for ImperialCollegeLondon/safe_data
R interface to data from the SAFE Project

add_locationsAdds location data to a SAFE data worksheet.
add_taxaAdd a taxonomic hierarchy to a SAFE data worksheet.
download_gazetteerDownloads the current SAFE gazetteer
download_indexDownloads the current dataset index
download_location_aliasesDownloads the current SAFE location aliases
download_safe_filesDownload SAFE dataset files
fetch_record_metadataGet and load SAFE dataset metadata
get_data_dirChecks the data directory is set and returns it
get_locationsObtaining locations for a SAFE dataset.
get_phylogenyGet a phylogeny for a dataset
get_taxaObtaining taxonomy for a SAFE dataset.
load_gazetteerLoad and cache the SAFE gazetteer
load_indexLoad and cache the dataset index
load_location_aliasesLoad and cache the SAFE location aliases
load_safe_dataLoads data from a SAFE dataset.
load_safe_worksheetInternal data loading function
safe_api_searchInternal SAFE dataset API search functions
safedataFinding and using data from the SAFE Project.
safedata.envIndex file memory cache
search_safeSAFE dataset search functions.
set_safe_dirSet the local SAFE data directory
show_conceptsShow SAFE dataset metadata
validate_record_idsValidates dataset record ids from user input
verbose_messageMessage function that can be globally muted
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