Man pages for JGCRI/gcammaptools
Plot GCAM Output on Maps

add_region_IDMatch GCAM ID to region using data from a lookup table.
af_orthoProj4 string for orthographic projection over Africa
assign_prj4sHelper function for assigning a Proj4 string from several...
basin235Designator for the basin235 map set
ch_aeaProj4 string for the Albers equal area projection over China
chnDesignator for the chn map set
drop_regionsDrop regions listed in drops file from data frame.
eck3Proj4 string for the Eckert III World projection
EXTENT_AFRICAExtent vector for Africa
EXTENT_CHINAExtent vector for China
EXTENT_LAExtent vector for Latin America
EXTENT_USAExtent vector for the continental United States
EXTENT_WORLDExtent vector for the entire world
filter_spatialGet features topologically associated with extent bounds.
gcam14_colorsColor palette for 14-region GCAM
gcam32_colorsColor palette for 32-region GCAM
gcammaptoolsgcammaptools: A package for plotting GCAM data on maps
get.internalGet auxiliary data for a named mapset.
get_prj4sRetrieve proj4 projection string.
import_mapdataSingle import function for compatible data types.
join_gcamJoin GCAM data with spatial data.
load_shpImport ESRI Shapefile or GeoJSON as sf object.
map.basin235Base map for 235 global water basins
map.basin235.simpleSimplified base map for 235 global water basins
map.chnBase map for 32-region GCAM with China subregions
map.countriesBase map for gridded data over national borders
map.rgn14Base map for 14-region GCAM
map.rgn14.simpleSimplified base map for 14-region GCAM
map.rgn32Base map for 32-region GCAM
map.rgn32.simpleSimplified base map for 32-region GCAM
map.usaBase map for 32-region GCAM with USA states
na_aeaProj4 string for the Albers equal area projection over North...
pgon_from_extentCreate a rectangluar sf polygon from numeric extent or sf...
plot_GCAMPrimary GCAM mapping function. Can handle categorical or...
plot_GCAM_gridPlot a gridded dataset over a base map
remove_invalidClean spatial data.
rgn14Designator for the rgn14 map set
rgn32Designator for the rgn32 map set
robinProj4 string for the Robinson World projection
simplify_mapdataReduce number of polygons and size of polygons for map...
spat_bbCreate sf object from numeric extent.
theme_GCAMDefault GCAM theme function
translate_provinceReplace subregion abbreviations with full subregion names
usaDesignator for the usa map set
wgs84Proj4 string for default WGS84 (EPSG:4326) coordinate...
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