gcammaptools: gcammaptools: A package for plotting GCAM data on maps

Description Preparing GCAM data Mapping GCAM data


The gcammaptools package provides functions for plotting GCAM data on world or regional maps. This includes functions for making plots for regional or gridded data, as well as default projection and theme settings that provide a house style for GCAM plots.

Preparing GCAM data

The recommended way to load your GCAM data is by using the rgcam package create a project data file from a GCAM database, and then querying that file for the data you want to plot. Alternatively, you can start with any data frame that has a 'region' column and one or more data columns.

Once you have loaded the data, you must add the region identifiers used in the map data to the data frame using the add_region_ID function.

Mapping GCAM data

To map GCAM data, you will need a simple feature collection or geojson with your region boundaries. The package provides the following commonly-used base maps:

Users can provide their own base maps. You will need a geometry file in geojson format, where each region has a region_id. Land masses that you want to draw, but which aren't part of any region should be included and assigned a region_id of 0. The examples vignette shows how to load such a file and convert it for use in this package.

Once you have your map data and your GCAM data, can generate the maps by passing both to the plot_GCAM function.

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