parseQueries: Parse queries from an XML query file

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


Parses queries from the input file and store them in the package namespace, where generate can use them to run any queries requested.





File containing the XML definitions of the queries.


This function has the side effect of storing the queries retrieved from the file. The stored list will persist until the R session is restarted and the package is reloaded. Subsequent calls will accumulate in the list. If the titles of any new queries duplicate existing queries, the new ones will overwrite the old ones.

The function is run automatically at package startup, using the default query definitions shipped with the package. Therefore, users shouldn't ordinarily need to run this function directly. However, it may occasionally be useful to redefine one of the existing queries, if, for example, you have output databases that don't follow the normal schema for some reason.

In theory you could add queries beyond the ones in the default queries configuration, but since none of the other code in the package will refer to them, this is primarily useful only to package developers for testing new processing code under development.



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