Man pages for JGCRI/rgcam
Tools for importing and working with GCAM results

addMIBatchCSVParse the GCAM ModelInterface output (DEPRECATED)
addQueryTableImport a table of data into a project data set as a new...
addScenarioAdd a scenario from a GCAM output database to a project data...
addSingleQueryAdd a data by running a single on a GCAM output database to a...
DEFAULT.MICLASSPATHDefault java class path for running the Model Interface
diffScenariosCompute a difference between two scenarios
dropQueriesDrop specified queries from scenarios.
dropScenariosRemove a scenario from a project data set
getQueryRetrieve a query for one or more scenarios
getRundatesReturn the run date for one or more scenarios in a data set.
listQueriesList the queries available for a scenario
listScenariosList the scenarios in a project data set
listScenariosInDBLists the Scenarios contained in a GCAM Database
loadProjectLoad a project data file.
localDBConnCreate a connection that can be used to run queries on a...
mergeProjectsMerge a list projects into a single project
miquery_postPost-process raw query results
parse_batch_queryParse a Model Interface batch query file
parse_mi_tablesParse the GCAM ModelInterface output
project.validCheck whether a project data structure is valid.
query.validCheck whether a query table in a scenario component structure...
remoteDBConnCreate a connection to a remote database that can be use to...
rgcam-packageExtract GCAM data from GCAM databases and import into R
rsubPerform a difference reduction
runQueryRun queries via a GCAM database connection and recieve...
SAMPLE.GCAMDBSample GCAM database file.
SAMPLE.QUERIESSample GCAM query file
saveProjectSave project data to a backing file.
scenario.validCheck whether a scenario component in a project data...
sep.dateSeparate the scenario and date in GCAM scenario tags.
stdcaseStandardize the case of a table's columns.
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