TA_Stress_Space: Triticum aestivum Stress Space Based on Affymetrix Wheat...

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TA_Stress_Space spans a 2-dimension physiological space constructed from 4 different Wheat stress-response gene expression datasets from "Gene Expression Omnibus" (GEO).




A matrix with genes as rows and different physiological dimensions in columns. Gene Entrez IDs are stored in rownames and space-dimension names in colnames.


Here's the list of datasets used for making this Space: GSE11774, GSE14697, GSE30436, GSE31759

The difference between TA_Stress_Space and TA_Stress_Space_Detailed is that in TA_Stress_Space all stressed dimensions with the same stress type are summarized to make a universal axis for each stress type, while in the space of TA_Stress_Space_Detailed stress responses from different datasets have their own dedicated dimension.


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/query/acc.cgi?acc=[GSEXXXX] (Replace GSEXXXX by one of the actual dataset series names listed in 'Details' section.)

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