Man pages for JanEngelstaedter/cophy
Constructing random cophylogenetic trees and analysing their statistics

cophylogenyCreates a cophylogeny object
get_branchNThroughTimeBranch (species) numbers through time.
get_GDistCalculating the distance matrix between host branches alive...
get_hostShiftsCounting parasite host-jumps.
get_infectionFrequenciesDistribution of parasite numbers on the tips of a...
get_infectionFrequenciesSubtreesParasite infection frequency per host subtree.
get_infectionStatisticsBasic statistics describing a cophylogeny.
get_PEventsThroughTimeNumbers of different events in parasite evolution.
get_PextinctionTimeParasite lineage extinction time
get_PHDistCorrelationCorrelation between pairwise distances of associated hosts...
get_PHDistSubtreeCorrelationCorrelation between pairwise distances of associated hosts...
plot.cophylogenyCophylogeny plot
print.cophylogenyPrinting a cophylogeny
prune_CophyloA function that prunes a cophylogeny and plots the resulting...
rcophyloSimulate cophylogenies
rcophylo_HPCophylogeny simulation
rcophylo_HresPCophylogeny simulation
rcophylo_PonHCophylogeny simulation on an existing host tree.
rphylo_HPhylogenetic (host) tree simulation
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