Man pages for JanEngelstaedter/peas
Predicting patterns of Mendelian inheritance

addLinkageGroupAdd linkage group to genetic system
convertGenoListToStringConvert from genotype list to string format
convertGenoStringToListConvert from genotype string to list format
createEmptyGenotypeCreates an empty genotype in list format
getPhenotypesRetrieve information about the phenotypes of the genetic...
isNoncanonicalChecks if a genotype is a non-canonical genotype
matchGenotypesFind the index of a genotype in a list of genotypes
newGenophenoGenerates a new genetic system
predictCrossPredicts offspring distributions resulting from a cross...
print.genophenoPrint information about genotypes and corresponding...
setPhenotypesSet trait values for one or several genotypes.
setSexPhenotypesAdd sex phenotypes to a genetic system with sex chromosomes
someButNotAllColumnZeroHelper function to check for which rows of a dataframe some...
tidyGenoStringGenotype string tidying
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