Man pages for JoeLugo/cnvGSA
Gene Set Analysis of (Rare) Copy Number Variants

cnvGSAgsTablesCreates the gene-set tables for each gene-set.
cnvGSAInCreating the input S4 object needed to run the script.
CnvGSAInput-classClass '"CnvGSAInput"'
cnvGSAlogRegTestPerforming the logistic regression tests on the CNV data.
CnvGSAOutput-classClass '"CnvGSAOutput"'
cnvGSA-packageGene-set Analysis of (Rare) Copy Number Variants
f.enrFilesPrepares the files for the enrichment maps.
f.makeVizCreates the plots from the CnvGSAOutput data.
f.readConfigReading in the config file.
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