Man pages for JosieLHayes/adductomicsR
Processing of adductomic mass spectral datasets

adductQuantAdduct quantification for adductomicsR
adductQuantif-classAdductQuantif class The AdductQuantif class contains a peak...
adductSpec-classAdductSpec class
adductSpecGenConstructor of AdductSpec object deconvolute spectra MS2 and...
digestModmodified 'Digest' function (from OrgMassSpecR package)
dotProdMatrixdot product matrix calculation
dotProdSpectradot product calculation
dynamicNoiseFilterDynamic Noise filtration
filterAdductTablefilter samples with low QC and features with large missing...
findPeaksidentify peaks
generateTargTableMake a target table for adductomicsR quantificaton using...
IsotopicDistributionModmodified function from package OrgMassSpecR
loessWrapperModwrapper script for loess modeling
ms2Groupgroup MS/MS precursor masses
nAdjPeaksremove lower intensity adjacent peaks
outputPeakTableoutput peak table from AdductQuantif object
peakIdQuant_newMethodAdduct Peak quant
peakIntegrateintegrate a peak from a peak table with peak start and peak...
peakListIdpeak list Identification
peakRangeSumraw eic signal intensity and mass summation and spike...
probPeakspotentially problematic peak identification
retentionCorrloess-based retention time deviation correction
rtDevModellingMS/MS spectrum grouping and retention time deviation...
rtDevModelSaveextract and save retention time deviation models from...
signalGroupingSignal grouping
specSimPepIdspectral similarity based adducted peptide identification for...
spectraCreateDeconvolute both MS2 and MS1 levels scans adductomics
truePeakTroughtrue peak and trough detection
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