Man pages for Jtrachsel/funfuns
Functions I Use (Title Case)

ccrepe_to_geomnetfilter ccrepe object and prepare for geomnet plotting
Deseq.quickplotQuickly plot Deseq2 results
extract_mothur_taxExtract mothur SILVA formatted taxonomy
gather_nodesCollect type information for nodes in a network
NMDS_ellipseGenerate NMDS points, group centroids and standard error...
otu_tax_labelsswap OTU designations with 'genus:OTU'
pairwise.adonisthis function taken from...
prune_graphRemove small unconnected subnetworks from a network
qpcr_DDCTCTs to log2 fold change relative to controls
rcorr_to_geomnetfilter rcorr object and prepare for geomnet plotting
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