Man pages for KateMMiller/forestNETN
Package for importing, joining and querying NETN forest database tables

exportCSVexportCSV: Export SQL views to .csv
importCSVimportCSV: Import NETN forest data that are formatted as .csv...
importDataimportData: Import views directly from NETN forest database
joinAdditionalSpeciesjoinAdditionalSpecies: compiles additional species data
joinCWDDatajoinCWDData: compile coarse woody debris volume data.
joinLocEventjoinLocEvent: compile Location and Event data with filtering...
joinMicroNotesjoinMicroNotes: compiles plot, stand,
joinMicroSaplingsjoinMicroSaplings: compiles sapling data collected in...
joinMicroSeedlingsjoinMicroSeedlings: compiles seedling data collected in...
joinMicroShrubDatajoinMicroShrubData: compiles shrub data collected in...
joinQuadDatajoinQuadData: compiles quadrat character data
joinQuadNotesjoinQuadNotes: compiles quadrat and species-level notes from...
joinQuadSpeciesjoinQuadSpecies: compiles quadrat species data
joinRegenDatajoinRegenData: summarizes seedling and sapling data
joinSoilLabDatajoinSoilLabData: compile and QC soil chemistry data by...
joinSoilSampleDatajoinSoilSampleData: compile corrected soil sample data.
joinStandDatajoinStandData: compile stand data
joinStandDisturbancejoinStandDisturbance: compile stand disturbance data
joinTreeConditionsjoinTreeConditions: compiles live and dead tree conditions
joinTreeDatajoinTreeData: compiles tree data
joinTreeFoliageCondjoinTreeFoliageCond: compiles live tree foliage data
joinTreeNotesjoinTreeNotes: compiles tree notes
joinTreeVineSpeciesjoinTreeVineSpecies: compiles trees with vine conditions and...
joinVisitNotesjoinVisitNotes: compiles plot, stand, and soils notes
plotTreeMapplotTreeMap: creates plot of trees by status and size
prepTaxaprepTaxa: reshapes plant taxa lookup table
sumQuadGuildssumQuadGuilds: summarizes quadrat species data by guilds
sumSapDBHDistsumSapDBHDist: calculates DBH distribution of saplings
sumSpeciesListsumSpeciesList: summarize a species list for each plot visit
sumStrStagesumStrStage: calculate structural stage for each plot
sumTreeDBHDistsumTreeDBHDist: calculates DBH distribution of trees
theme_FHMtheme_FHM: custom ggplot2 theme for forestNETN
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