joinSoilSampleData: joinSoilSampleData: compile corrected soil sample data.

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joinSoilSampleData: compile corrected soil sample data.


This function verifies whether O and A horizons were named corrected based on the joinSoilLabData() function, then compiles average sample depth by horizon. Must run importData first. Only works for complete visits and plots that haven't been abandoned. Note that Earthworms are summarized in joinStandData(). This function starts at 2007 because 2006 methods were pretty different.


  park = "all",
  from = 2007,
  to = as.numeric(format(Sys.Date(), "%Y")),
  panels = 1:4,
  locType = c("VS", "all"),
  last_lab_year = 2019,



Combine data from all parks or one or more parks at a time. Valid inputs:


Includes all parks in the network


Acadia NP only


Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP only


Minute Man NHP only


Morristown NHP only


Roosevelt-Vanderbilt NHS only


Saint-Gaudens NHS only


Saratoga NHP only


Weir Farm NHS only


Year to start analysis, ranging from 2007 to current year.


Year to stop analysis, ranging from 2007 to current year


Allows you to remove or include QAQC events.


Default. Only returns visits that are not QAQC visits


Returns all visits, including QAQC visits


Allows you to select individual panels from 1 to 4. Default is all 4 panels (1:4). If more than one panel is selected, specify by c(1, 3), for example.


Allows you to only include plots that are part of the GRTS sample design or include all plots, such as deer exclosures.


Only include plots that are part of the Vital Signs GRTS sample design


Include all plots, such as plots in deer exclosures or test plots.


The most recent year lab analyses have been completed for. This will allow non-lab QCed horizon data to be returned for years following. Otherwise, only QCed data horizon data are returned.


Other arguments passed to function.


returns a dataframe containing each plot and visit with soil sample data.Tot_Samp_cm is the total depth of O and A sampled. Litter is not included in total depth calculation. Note soil chemistry data are typically a year behind plot data, so corrected soil horizon depths will also be a year behind. Soil horizon data not yet QCed by lab data are indicated by the Lab_QC (T/F) column. Plots that weren't sampled during a given cycle are not returned. Horizon depths are averaged across samples of the same horizon type.


## Not run: 
importData() #default imports
# join horizon depth data for the third cycle in ACAD.
soil_ACAD_O <- joinSoilSampleData(park = 'ACAD', from = 2014, to = 2017)

## End(Not run)

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