Man pages for LAJordanger/HVLstatistikk
HVL - simple shiny applications for teaching.

add_label_to_plotAdd information about critical values to a plot.
distribution_detailsDistribution defaults
HVL_defaultsInternal default values.
HVL_sampleSimulate samples to be used in 'HVL_shiny',
HVL_server_MasterMaster for the 'server'-part of the 'HVL_shiny'-interface.
HVL_shinyShiny app for HVLstatistikk
HVL_shiny_create_logCreate 'HVL_logging'-object for the dynamic...
HVL_shiny_languageThe language-interface for 'HVL_shiny'-interface.
HVL_shiny_quitCreate the button to manually quit 'HVL_shiny'.
IndAn indicator function to reveal if a given observation belong...
LLN_plotA plot to visualise the law of large numbers
prob_plotVisualisation of a probability density function.
quantile_infoCreate a list with quantile-information.
test_shinyShiny app to be used for some simple investigations.
the_plotThe plot function
xy_formatCA wrapper for 'formatC'
xy_sprintfSlightly adjusted version of sprintf
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